Hey there,

I’m Kelli, 25 and living in the sunshine state with my boyfriend, Michael, our fur babies, Diesel, Zoey and Noodles, and the fish, Floyd. I love spending time in or near the water and being outside in the sun.


I use cannabis both for recreational and medicinal purposes. I am a firm supporter of the plants over pills movement. I took pharmaceuticals a doctor prescribed and our government regulates as safe and was dealing with such negative side effects on a daily basis and over a period of time also started to see beginning signs of liver damage! After having gotten off all pills and solely using cannabis I feel like I have been able to start healing from within and treating any symptoms naturally always feels better for me than being doped up to the point of numbness. Not only does cannabis help me regulate my moods and manage my pain and discomfort, it is a great alternative to drinking or using hard drugs when you just want to relax and let loose a little. With all the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of different strains you really can achieve almost any desired effect with very little side effects.

This is my face

I am working every day on becoming a better person. Being kinder, more accepting, growing , disciplining myself but also learning to speak to myself with love. Follow me on this journey of growth, adventures & cannabis tokes!